Frequent Asked Questions

Frequent Asked Questions

What is Gelato?

Gelato is Italian ice cream made primarily with milk.

What is Sorbetto?

Sorbetto is a frozen treat made without milk.

What is the difference between gelato and ice cream?

Gelato is made with milk instead of cream. Also, gelato ingredients are sourced from Italy. The overrun (air) is much less in gelato than in ice cream, creating a deliciously dense frozen treat without all the fat of ice cream.

Where is Gelato Paradiso located?
Does Gelato Paradiso deliver?

Yes. Get an authentic gelato experience with our adorable delivery Fiat from our Coronado Island location. Our other locations have third party delivery services available.

How many flavors does Gelato Paradiso have?

Our Southern California locations have 30-32 artisan-made flavors each. The Austin Texas location has 16 artisan-made flavors.

Does Gelato Paradiso franchise?

No. We are individually owned and operated locations.

Does Gelato Paradiso make gelato on-site?

Yes. Each location prepares artisan batches of gelato daily.

Does Gelato Paradiso Cater?

Yes. Gelato Paradiso caters in Orange County, in San Diego county and Travis County (Texas). We are quite popular for weddings and milestone events. Our catering details can be found here.

Does Gelato Paradiso offer wholesale?

Yes. We proudly serve our gelato in many local restaurants and cafes throughout Southern California and Austin Texas.

Does Gelato Paradiso sell gift cards?

Yes. All Gelato Paradiso locations offer gift cards.

Does Gelato Paradiso offer any specials or seasonal flavors?

Yes. Every month Gelato Paradiso offers a seasonal flavor of the month.

Does Gelato Paradiso offer sugar free gelato?

No. We currently do not offer sugar free gelato or sorbetto.

Does Gelato Paradiso offer gluten free gelato and sorbetto?

Yes. We offer several gluten free flavors on our menu. Our gelato and sorbetto is naturally gluten free unless we swirl in additional toppings such as cookies or cheesecake pieces. All of our baristas are trained to help you find gluten free gelato and sorbetto options.

Does Gelato Paradiso offer vegan gelato or sorbetto?

Yes. Our creamy and smooth sorbettos are naturally vegan!

Where can I find Gelato Paradiso flavors of the month?

Our flavors of the month are listed here.

Does Gelato Paradiso make gelato cakes?

Yes. You can find our beautiful gelato cakes here, with advanced ordering.

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