Panna Cotta

Based on the Italian dessert, our elegant and velvety Italian Cream gelato is reminiscent of Crème Brule.


Rich and robust, the roasted hazelnut flavor creates a sensation on your palate not unlike that of espresso.


Toasted almond pieces freckle almond infused gelato for a unique and buttery delight like no other.


Layers of chunky dark chocolate and hazelnuts are engulfed by our smooth milk chocolate and hazelnut infused gelato for a modern spin on a traditional Italian candy.


Decadent and refreshing, our mint gelato gets the traditional Italian treatment by folding in thousands of crunchy pieces of dark chocolate.

Fragola Cheesecake

Graham cracker crusted and strawberry swirled. Our cheesecake gelato is as thick and flavorful and the real thing.