This cake is inspired by the classic Italian treat, made with layers of our delectable chocolate, pistachio and wild cherry on top of our moist chocolate sponge cake.


An authentic Italian milk chocolate hazelnut gelato (Gianduia) layered with rich espresso gelato on chocolate sponge cake is a sophisticated choice for any occasion.


A Gelato Paradiso original, this cake combines our tiramisu and espresso gelato, and mascarpone layered between slices of espresso soaked sponge cake, and is topped with mascarpone semi-freddo & Italian cocoa powder.


A classic heart shaped gelato cake with the most romantic of flavor combinations. The tartness of our fresh raspberry sorbetto pairs perfectly with the most decadent double chocolate; both layered on top of our moist chocolate sponge cake. One bite and you’ll be in...


Sorrento, the Italian city of lemons, inspired the creation of this tasty gem. We combine the flavors of the finest hand-squeezed lemon juice and fresh raspberries in our sorbettos and garnish with fresh lemon slices to make this colorful and refreshing cake.


A moist chocolate sponge cake topped with our savory stracciatella gelato, garnished with handmade Italian chocolate curls.