We understand that the lines at our shop in Laguna have been getting a little long this summer. For any of our guests who find themselves toward the tail end of the queue, we thought it would be nice to compile a list of things to do as you shuffle your way to the front of the line. So after trolling the internet and surveying our crew, here they are…


20 Things to Do While Moving through the Line at Gelato Paradiso

  1. Take out a harmonica and a tin can and see how much you can make in tips before you reach the entrance.
  2. Start reciting your inner monologue aloud.
  3. Try talking in an undecipherable accent and see how many strangers you can convince you’re from a fictitious country.
  4. Check in with yourself and other members of your party to ensure everyone is making good life choices in terms of cup, cone, affogato, etc.
  5. Talk incessantly about how long you’ve been waiting to meet “The Wizard” and see how long it takes for someone to correct you. Act even more excited when they tell you the line is for gelato.
  6. Turn your smartphone to camera mode and take a series of artful self-portraits using Peppertree Lane as a backdrop. Be sure to photo bomb others who are doing the same thing.
  7. Attempt to start “The Wave.” Don’t give up.
  8. Take turns holding each other’s place in line while you scope out the menu at Watermarc. Then stage a formal debate over which appetizer reigns supreme. Elect a judge from among you to determine the winner.
  9. Network. In the absence of any official business cards to dole out, write your name and number on the backs of old receipts or other people’s business cards you’ve been meaning to clear out of your wallet. (Bonus points for recycling!)
  10. Work out some quandaries in your head (e.g. how to go about asking for a raise, or whether or not you should paint an accent wall in your kitchen).
  11. Turn up the volume on your iphone and try to get everyone to dance to the theme song from Footloose.
  12. Stop at the production window to wave at Pedro as he fashions his millionth pan of gelato (ballpark estimate).
  13. Throw someone (preferably someone you know) out of line and then look at everyone and explain, “No ticket.”
  14. Start cheering every time someone emerges from the shop with a waffle cone.
  15. See if you can guess people’s astrological sign based on their favorite gelato flavor.
  16. Recruit your fellow line dwellers and start a flash mob. Make the secret activation word something gelato-related, like, “gianduia.”
  17. Urgently answer your cell phone and pretend to coach the person on the other end through a confrontation with an angry bear. You’ll sound like a hero and people may even let you go ahead of them.
  18. Brace yourself against a wall, a railing, or a random stranger, because the aroma of waffle cones just hit you. Hard.
  19. Size up other people’s flavor pairings as they walk out of the shop and congratulate them on their bold choices.
  20. Most of all, know that we are truly thankful for your tenacity and that we’ll be working in top gear to ensure that your mouth is met with some authentic Italian gelato A.S.A.P.

Feel free to share your own ideas for passing time on the line.

See you on the opposite side of the dipping case, gelato friends!